Does your accountancy firm fall over if Frank leaves?

August 10, 2022 Kamran Rajah

You know Frank. He’s been with your firm for years and only he knows how that ancient spreadsheet works, why that client likes their management accounts laid out in a particular way, or how payroll clients are classified in Salesforce. 

Frank is also one of the most compelling arguments for universally searchable records, properly integrated software and real automation. 

AIRPA can make your practice ready for the day Frank leaves. Here’s how.

Benefits of technological solutions for accounting firms

In our opinion, accounting firms simply cannot afford to remain behind the digital curve.

One reason is because of someone like Frank leaving. If everything you do is done manually and clients are segmented between your team, all it takes is someone leaving for things to fall into disarray. 

That’s likely to negatively impact your own efficiency and might leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some clients – they’re probably not going to be impressed if their entire experience with your firm changes just because their main contact left the firm. 

But with technological solutions, you can automate processes so that everything your firm produces is consistent and the transition period is seamless. Everyone’s on the same page, using the same programmes, tools and templates to produce quality work.

It’s equally as important that automation saves your practice a considerable amount of time, not only when you need to adjust to the loss of an influential employee, but in the simple day-to-day tasks your whole team has to handle. 

That gives your firm time that your team can use to focus their efforts on the more profitable aspects of your practice, such as your business advisory services.

A central platform for your client information

Many software programmes for accountants, including AIRPA, have the benefit of a single sign-on platform that aligns data across all your systems to create one master data source. 

Our software has the added benefit of a document directory, which allows your team to organise, manage and work with documents, changes to which other colleagues and clients can see in real time. 

A universal search function, meanwhile, allows you to type key client or supplier information with the push of a button, while client dashboards show you everything you need to know about them in one place.

If your firm is still working with a range of spreadsheets and documents that only certain people can access, a switch to a system like AIRPA’s is a breath of fresh air. Client info is no longer shrouded in mystery, accessible only to someone like Frank, who’s worked with them for a long time, but to anyone in your team, no matter how junior.

And, if you need to contact a client, you won’t need to fish out an old email address from Frank’s desk drawer, but just message them through your centralised platform to keep communication with clients quick, simple and direct. 

Assess your firm

Technology isn’t just about helping your clients, but about helping you understand your own position.

With AIRPA, you get access to a practice dashboard, which gives you an easy to understand overview of how your firm is performing.

With it, you’ll be better able to manage your work, direct efforts efficiently and understand what works well and what doesn’t.

With a big-picture view of your performance at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make better informed decisions every time. 

Get in touch to discuss how AIRPA can make your practice more robust and resilient.