Connect. Automate. Power.

Small businesses and accounting practices.

AIRPA connects your accounting systems and data, leading to improved efficiency, productivity and profitability. This gives you more time to provide a tailored service to your customers.

Free up your time from repetitive admin work

For you, the accountant in practice, AIRPA:

Presents each of your client’s business information in one easy to access and easy to use place
Automates routine processes and saves substantial time on bookkeeping and compliance tasks

AIRPA achieves this by bringing together market leading tools and processes, connecting these under one accountancy specific platform covering each of your business functions - making your practice more efficient and productive

AIRPA frees up your time so you can engage even more with your clients, provide them with a broader range of high quality, value add services and advice - enabling you to improve your revenue and profitability

AIRPA features that improve efficiency
and save you time

Single Secure Login
Secure, efficient, and easy access to all your systems. Offering better password management and control
Universal Search Facility
Capable of finding key client or supplier information across all your systems from one place
Active Data Sync
Align data across all your systems from one master data source, as a single point of truth
Connected Workflows
Enable workflows to be automated based on schedules and triggers
Smart Automation
Automate mapping of data, such as Chart of Accounts, between your systems
Advisory Dashboards
Bring together in depth client insight to one place so you can offer real time advice
All your systems connected
in one place
Real time view of your
business and customers

Work smarter with AIRPA


Accelerating Accountants compliance work
to provide more time for higher value services

Sharing information across systems and keeping it in sync means fewer corrections, questions and queries which saves time and cost for both you and your clients.

With better and accessible information, such as regular cashflow data, budget forecasts and KPIs, it makes it easier to base timely advice on accurate information.

Increasing high value advice and services will improve revenue and profit margins by maximising your team’s existing talent, skills and knowledge.

AIRPA gives you what you need
so you can give clients what they want

What clients want in an Accountant
  • Is a trusted advisor to me
  • Responds quickly
  • Understands my business/industry
  • Is affordable
  • Communicates clearly with non-accountants
Source: Small Business Accounting Insights Survey

AIRPA enables you to grow a stronger,
more valuable practice

AIRPA is an accounting advisory platform, powering you to operate with more efficiency and insight.

Our platform automatically connects leading cloud based accounting systems and data. All your systems under one platform, accessible via a single secure login, with one source of truth for all your accounting information.

We automate your compliance work and standardise workflows. This frees up your time to increase value added advice and improve client satisfaction with the help of our advisory dashboards - resulting in a stronger and more profitable practice.

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