Connect. Automate. Power.

For small businesses and accounting practices

AIRPA connects your apps – so they work as one platform – making work more efficient and giving you better business insights

Free up your time from repetitive work

For the business owner or accountant in practice, AIRPA:

Presents your customer, employee and supplier data and business information in one easy to access place
Automates routine processes to save you time on administrative or compliance tasks

AIRPA achieves this by bringing together market-leading apps and processes, covering all of your business areas, and connecting them under one integrated platform

By making completion of your day-to-day activities more efficient and giving you better insight about your business and customers, you’ll have more time to make the right decisions

Save time and give customers a tailored, high-quality service

All your apps connected
in one place
Real time view of your
business and customers

Your apps working as one platform


Accelerate work and get one view
of all your business data

Finding information quickly across apps and keeping it in sync means fewer corrections, questions and queries – saves time and money for you and your customers. What's more you can automate those repetitive tasks that take up time every day.

What next? AIRPA helps small business owners become empowered to make smart decisions in real-time, based on what the data tells them – and you’ll have more time back to focus on running your business.

For accountants, AIRPA makes it easy to base timely advice on accurate information. Increasing high-value advice and services improves revenue and profit margins by maximising your team’s existing talent, skills and knowledge.

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