AIRPA connects your apps – so they work as one platform – making work more efficient and giving you better business insights.

Single Secure Login
Secure, efficient, and easy access to all your systems. No more keeping track of multiple passwords – simply sign in once to access all your data and customer information. Offering better password management and control
Universal search
Capable of finding key client or supplier information across all your systems from one place. It doesn’t matter which app the information you’re looking for lives in – use the search facility, and the platform will find it
Document directory
Organise, manage and work with your documents all stored safely in the cloud. Work collaboratively with customers or colleagues and see changes in real-time, meaning you’re always up to date
Data sync
Align data across all your systems from one master data source. Rest easy in the knowledge that your data is lined up, accurate and up to date – so you’ve always got a reliable single point of truth
Client performance dashboard
Find all the information you need about your clients in one place. Your one-stop shop for insight and information. A snap-shot into their business, activity, and financials
Practice dashboard
An overview of how your business or practice is performing – looking at how to manage work, where to direct effort, and what’s working efficiently. A big picture view of performance at your fingertips
Advisory dashboard
Data is the backbone of making sound business decisions. Bring together in-depth client insight to one place so you can offer real-time advice to help your clients develop and grow
Automate repetitive admin tasks to spend time on more valuable work. AIRPA helps you automate the day-to-day, from paying staff to managing your business or practice, bookkeeping, and reporting