How can I search across all my systems?

March 10, 2023 Sam Boughtwood

When you’re trying to find a critical piece of information, having a universal search function sounds like a game-changer.

As a provider of such a tool, we’ll confirm – it is.

“Why should I pay you for a platform when all my apps are set up just fine?” This is a good question, and one we’ll answer in this blog.

Our platform is feature-rich and, built for complete convenience and business insight, giving you universal search alongside a robust set of features, including:

But how is this better than what you have already? Let’s dive in.

Modern accounting software isn’t built for connectivity

With vast amounts of data to process at one time and a stack of apps that are used for different tasks, all operating independently, navigating this is a constant struggle.

There are so many software solutions available to accountants, trying to make them all work together seems almost impossible.

Plus, you’ve got to train your staff on each program, manage the customer’s data, and keep things updated to prevent compliance issues.

Modern accounting software has come a long way, but it’s still not built for true integration.

But that doesn’t mean the technology is limited – it’s more to do with the way you use the platforms themselves.

Technology and accountancy’s love-hate relationship

Technology has always been at the forefront of accounting – going as far back as the invention of the Abacus – and today, that rings just as true.

But with every platform offering different things made for different purposes, it’s hard to make them all work together cohesively.

For your firm, this means:

So what’s the answer?

AIRPA is the solution

Our platform is made for the modern accountant. 

It connects all your apps in one location, including Google search, allowing for genuinely seamless operation. You won’t have to log in separately to each platform. And you can search across all your apps with complete control over the data, allowing you to manipulate your search query to your heart’s content.

A perfect scenario

Imagine you’re about to jump into a meeting with a client, and you remember a key statistic. But where did you have it saved?

One quick search function later, and you’ve got the information you needed. You can go to the client with insight almost instantaneously. This saves time and allows you to think responsively, act quickly, and inform your advice with instant data.

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There are countless other features baked into our platform – we’re excited to work with you and help you care for your clients.

Get in touch with us to learn more about AIRPA, universal search, and seamless accounting. Feel free to book a demo – we’d love to show you around.