If you make talented people do menial work you’ll lose them

October 4, 2022 Kamran Rajah

Hiring an expert team of accountants for your firm helps you create a robust service for your clients and allows you to spread your expertise across a wide range of technical tax advice, honing in on the more niche areas of the industry. 

Unfortunately, those talented professionals can sometimes be weighed down with those menial and repetitive day-to-day tasks that eat into their time. 

While these jobs need to be done somehow, it can make your team reconsider why they’ve spent years of training to work on these types of tasks rather than using their expertise.

Here’s how AIRPA can solve this issue with the clever use of automation.

What are automations?

Automated accounting processes are implemented through software which is set up to digitise and complete everyday tasks quickly and efficiently.

After setting up your automated software, each process will be completed at the click of a button in an accurate and timely manner, saving you and your firm the time usually spent on these smaller, less vital jobs.

Don’t waste time on the small stuff

We understand that clients have specific needs. Some may be looking for a wider range of services which include menial tasks such as payroll or bookkeeping.

In this case, it’s best to avoid wasting your staff’s time and skills on repetitive tasks. Having to input the same information daily can turn a job into a chore, something you want to avoid if you’re going to retain your team.

AIRPA’s software delivers automations that make light work of these smaller jobs, saving the need for an accountant to input every last figure manually. 

Not only will this streamline your workload and dramatically reduce the risk of human error, but it will also allow you to focus your staff on the higher-value advisory work, which will bring in more profit.

Stand against the competition

Accountancy is a competitive industry at the best of times. There are plenty of firms out there who will offer their services for competitive prices and salaries, always looking for new talent to help them deliver the strongest service they can.

If your team feels as if it’s stuck doing smaller, mundane tasks, some members might look elsewhere for a firm they can fully utilise their skill base with. 

Ambitious accountants want to reach their potential, so setting up automations and letting them tackle the larger tasks will provide job satisfaction.

Having a team that feels frustrated or dissatisfied with their work doesn’t create a strong working culture – yet another reason to take advantage of the software packages that AIRPA provides.

The more you automate your processes, the more you can look into providing additional services that will attract clients from all backgrounds. Having that extra edge over a competing firm will persuade potential clients to lean toward you as their next accountant.

Talk to AIRPA

Automated processes in accounting are becoming increasingly popular, not just as a time saver but to bring a new level of efficiency to the way accountants work.

AIRPA knows accountants. That’s why our full software package is built to help your firm deliver the top-tier service you provide. Our software packages will help you with your menial compliance tasks and allow you to focus on higher-value jobs.

That’s not to mention the multitude of other features AIRPA offers to accounting firms. 

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