Why is AIRPA’s universal search a game changer?

July 22, 2022 Kamran Rajah

Even if you’ve never used AIRPA, you’ll understand the benefits of a universal search tool if you think about the experience of using Google in recent years. 

When you type something into the Google search bar, the engine pulls together everything you might need, from user reviews to song lyrics, in one page of results.

It displays different types of content, including web pages, videos, business profiles and frequently asked questions, in a clear and intuitive way, based on smart algorithms that predict what the user might want to see.

When you think about all the data you use within your accounting firm – all the client details, emails, contract documents, and applications – it makes sense that you should have the same ability to search and access that information in one place. 

That’s what AIRPA offers: a universal search engine, bringing together all your vital data to save you time, maintain accuracy, and improve your clients’ experience. 

Save hours of time

The simplest, but most valuable benefit of AIRPA’s universal search function is its time-efficiency. 

Let’s say you need to check the status of a particular client, and follow up on your recent communications with them. You might take a look at your CRM first, then check your email inbox to dig up the latest information on them. Or you might chase up a member of your team to figure out where things stand.

If all your information is contained in separate platforms with no link between them, this can be a long and frustrating process – and you have better things to do.

With AIRPA, a quick search will give you all the latest information on your client, alongside their contact details and their accounting information, so you know where you stand in a matter of seconds.

Make your work more accurate

Having more information at your fingertips means you can make better judgements. With AIRPA, you also know the data you find via universal search is current and accurate, because it’s automatically synced across all your platforms.

Cloud storage also means if you search for a file and update it, you can be sure your staff and clients are seeing the same information as you, rather than an older version.

And the easier it is to find a key piece of information, the less likely you are to make mistakes when answering client queries or communicating it with your team. Why try and remember it yourself when it only takes a second or two to find reliable data? 

Improve the client experience

Putting the benefits of saved time and accuracy together gives you an additional advantage – the ability to provide a great customer experience.

Good-quality data, after all, is essential to a great accounting service. If your clients contact you with a query, you can answer them right away, reassuring them you’ve got everything in hand – no more putting them on hold as you search through your documents. 

And with all your information in one place, your team can provide in-depth insight to support your clients’ goals, adding real value to the service you provide. 

To try our universal search feature for yourself, book a demo or get a free trial of AIRPA for your accountancy firm.