How to maximise the value of your accountancy firm

An AIRPA guide to making your firm more efficient, profitable and valuable.
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Strengthen your brand
As most accountants will know, to value a business you need to look at a variety of factors, both tangible and intangible.
Develop your team
In a services business like accountancy, the skills, knowledge and experience of your team is a huge part of your firm’s value.
Build your client base
Another key component of your firm’s value is its clients. This is, of course, more than a list of contacts. It’s also about their relationship with, and loyalty to, your firm.
Hone your services
Since you started your firm, the services you offer might have evolved, or the demands of your clients could have changed.
Improve your systems
You’ve built your foundation: a solid brand, a skilled team that’s working towards one purpose, and a loyal following of clients.