How cloud management software will change your business overnight

June 1, 2022 Osman Khan
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Cloud computing has become increasingly popular among businesses in recent years, and for good reason. 

It’s convenient, low-cost, and allows for exciting innovations in the way we access and store data, allowing for real-time information and easy integration with other software.

But rather than planning their cloud strategy from the outset, many businesses have adopted new software as and when they need it, accumulating a range of platforms which can become unwieldy and time-consuming to manage. 

This is where cloud management software comes in.

What is cloud management software?

Cloud management software allows businesses to manage, monitor and deploy their different cloud computing resources. This includes managing user access, data, applications, and services.

It can bring together all types of cloud: public and private, as well as hybrid and multi-cloud. 

The benefits of cloud management software

Cost savings

Without a top-level view of all the software within your business, it’s hard to know what’s worth the fee you spend on it, and what you could be getting more value out of.

Cloud management software allows you to monitor which resources are actually being used, and look out for any wasted spend. 

More flexibility

Many businesses choose to use multiple cloud applications because they value the unique benefits of each one: but managing them all separately can be complicated.

Using cloud management software to bring the various platforms together means you don’t need to compromise with an all-in-one solution, and you’re free to swap software in and out according to what’s best for your business. 

Automation and integration

Connecting your software under one management platform also opens up exciting opportunities to get your applications talking to each other. 

Cloud management software allows you to automate more of your workflow, transferring data or carrying out repetitive tasks without any input on your part.

With the additional time saved by doing this, businesses can focus their efforts on higher-value work and new projects.

Manage your data

Cloud management software allows you to gather all your data from different cloud platforms in one place. 

This should help you keep things consistent, make decisions about where different bits of information should be stored, and use that data to support your business.

Improve security

Implementing a cloud management system gives you an extra layer of security and protection compared to managing each platform under separate logins. 

Many cloud management systems also include automatic backups, as well as options to allow different levels of access for different users.

Bring your accountancy firm’s cloud software together with AIRPA

AIRPA is specially designed to give accountancy firms access to all their digital platforms in one place. 

With one login and a single point of truth, you can access accurate information across your entire client base, as well as automating workflow processes between different applications.

That means more time for valuable work, an enhanced service, and better profitability.

Talk to us about the benefits of cloud management software for your firm.