Connect Staffology to AIRPA for easy access to real time advisory data

Why Integrate Staffology with AIRPA?

  • Single Secure Login – Secure, efficient, and easy access to all your systems. Offering better password management and control
  • Universal Search Facility – Capable of finding key client or supplier information across Staffology and all your connected systems
  • Active Data Sync – Align and push data across all your systems from one master data source, as a single point of truth
  • Connected Workflows – Enable workflows to be automated based on schedules and triggers
  • Smart automation – Automate mapping of data between your systems such as chart of accounts
  • Advisory dashboard – Bring together in depth client insight to one place so you can offer real time advice



All your systems connected in one place


360 Dashboard real time view of your customers






AIRPA is an accounting advisory platform, powering you to operate with more efficiency and insight.

Our platform automatically connects leading cloud based accounting systems and data. All your systems under one platform, accessible via a single secure login, with one source of truth for all your accounting information.

We automate your compliance work and standardise workflows. This frees up your time to increase value added advice and improve client satisfaction with the help of our advisory dashboards – resulting in a stronger and more profitable practice.


About Staffology

Using Staffology and AIRPA will give you a collaborative view of you payroll data alongside other key information from all your connected systems

Intuitive payroll software that saves you time, money, and offers effortless system integration. Whether you need to run payroll for 50 employees or 5000, Staffology payroll software makes it easy. 

Find out more or try Staffology Accounting Software for free.


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